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🔥 A 3-Day Mentorship Experience 🔥

Over the last few months we have had numerous doctors come from outside the state, and country, to observe the diagnosis, treatment planning, and workflow for our non-invasive composite veneer cases. 

It has been such a great experience discussing clinical techniques and details with like-minded doctors who want to offer more non-invasive treatment options for their patients.

If you are the type of doctor who wants to offer your patients an elevated skill-set in non-invasive esthetic results with composite resin, we would love to have you join us!

Here is how the observation/mentorship works:

The observation/mentoring is a three-day experience! I will take you through a single case from start to finish (from the initial interview and designing process all the way through to the placement and finishing of all the composite veneers to the final portrait photograph). You will see every step and every technique in real-time and have an opportunity one-on-one to discuss the details of the methodology throughout the case. In addition to this, I also will create a customized hands-on exercise to address and focus on any specific technique that you would like to practice and review together. Some meals are included. The fee for the three-day experience is $3,500. We usually book this on a Monday afternoon through a Wednesday afternoon, or Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon.

Just find a week that you would be interested in attending, send me a text message to: 480-881-7022, and I will line up a case for you!
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